Just this week I’ve been hit with need to purge our bedroom and start packing up our basement. Each day I wake up and have this incredible need to sort through our wardrobe, a pile for Goodwill and a keep pile. I’m ready to reclaim our bedroom, mainly our dressers and closet. How do we manage to always have articles of clothing lying around? No matter how hard I try there is always a laundry basket filled with clean clothes that seemingly has no place to go. This is a dumb problem, people. It’s time to do something about it. Sort and donate and then donate some more.

You may have caught the pack up our basement bit too. I’ll do a full explanation soon but for now here’s the quick update. We plan on moving about an hour away to be closer to Brent’s work. When my husband got this new job we were relieved and excited, it has been such a good change for us both financially and for his well-being as a human. However it takes just over an hour to get to work and then back again, he’s averaging around 700 miles a week. So we planned to move closer to his office and then boom- positive pregnancy test.

We have been blessed with an amazing doctors and nurses so the idea of packing up and moving in the middle of my pregnancy just didn’t feel right. We’ll stay planted here in our little town until our fella joins our family in late December. Our plan is to move in February.

The need to have our house in a more prepared state both for new baby and big move is becoming increasingly more needed. From now until October we have weekend plans with friends, October holds a few family gatherings and the official ramp up of the holiday season. November of course is completely dedicated to Thanksgiving, well for me any way. Our plan of action is to have our entire basement (and a few other household belongings that won’t be needed) boxed up and loaded into our storage unit in the city by November.

So is it nesting or just a good case of the lets-get-stuff-done-time-is-ticking-away. I’m not sure but I’ll take whatever extra motivation you have hanging around your house! Maybe this will keep me accountable, I’ll keep you posted!


A little dusting & update

(Takes a deep breath and blows away all the dust)

Thankfully no one does a while glove test on blogs, otherwise I would have failed miserably due to my lack of care and attendance on this little section of my online presence. Clearly I’ve put more neglect into my blog than effort. If I’m being real honest this has been something that I’ve always struggled with, follow through. I always have the best intentions for new hobbies, big ideas, family organization plans and nearly every time along the way these extras get left on the wayside. I hate the word lazy and I don’t feel like it truly applies to me but in this area I certainly don’t have that go get ’em gumption.

A new season of life is starting in our family and once again I have the urge to do my best at getting back at this little time capsule hobby. At first you don’t succeed try try again.

Our twin daughters, Eili Jane and Ingbritt turned two at the end of June. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but time marched quickly and continues to with an every steady rhythm. There are moments that I feel like the girls were just born, shouldn’t they still be tiny and cuddly? Then it feels as though they are two going on thirteen, when did they get so big and where did all that sass and fire come from? Big personalities are bursting forth in the most awesome and terrifying ways. It’s always an adventure with them, Brent and I just try to keep up. They certainly keep life fun and interesting.

And apparently I also like to keep things fun and interesting by surprising our families (including Brent and myself) with a pregnancy. That’s right, baby number three is on the way and due late December! This was such a shock to us, never saw it coming. We are excited to be welcoming our littlest one in a few short months. If you’re wondering, we’re having a little boy. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I just knew we were having a boy, I never had a real feeling with the girls and my guess was wrong anyway. At 16 weeks when it was confirmed with an ultrasound that our littlest is a boy Brent and I were super excited…and continue to be!

I suppose that’s the long and short of it, for now. Lots of other big adventures coming up too, in fact just after baby brother gets here we make another big more permanent move. Always keeping our friends and family on their toes!

I took these pictures of the girls on their second birthday this summer. Ingbritt is in purple and Eili is in pink. My sweet little gals.