Braun to the rescue!

The girls are 14 months old and I can barely believe it! They’ve grown into such fun and loving toddlers. Gone are the days of sitting around snuggling up with a warm bundle of baby, we’ve traded that in for games of chase, patty cake and toddler babble. It’s hard to let go of each stage but with the grief of each stage passing comes excitement and joy of watching the girls grow into ‘real’ people.

This week Eili was diagnosed with croup. Ugh, it’s awful. Her happy self has been watered down with a sickly and unhappy lass. We’re doing our best to wash our and their hands extra, keeping their cups separated with hopes that Ingbritt will stay healthy.  In the middle of all this my latest voxbox from Influenster came in the mail! Perfect timing because it was the Braun Thermoscan5 ear thermometer. Hallelujah! Checking Eili’s temp has been such a breeze with this fantastic gadget! We gladly said our goodbyes to our under the arm thermometer, no more holding a wiggly kiddo down hoping to get an accurate reading.
My husband and I truly have been impressed with the thermometer. It’s simple and easy to use, no muss no fuss. If there has to be a negative it would be that you’ll have to stocked up on the ear shields. Which really that’s no big deal, it’s not like you need to use a thermometer every day. Next time you’re in the store check it out! I’m sure you wont be disappointed!!

If you haven’t checked out Influenster yet run on over to their site! I received my Braun Thermoscan5 as a complementary gift to try out! How wonderful is that! Hope you all have a great week and stay healthy as we head into Fall!


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