Neglect to Motivation…I hope.

Clearly something I can be very good at. My last post was far more than a month ago, more like a couple months ago. I’m disappointed in myself, if I’m being honest.

Learning to balance the things I love with being a stay at home mom has been a true struggle for me. In fact, where I once felt such support and connection now feels more like acquaintances. Just in case you’ve stumbled here by chance, I’ll quickly explain. I have had some sort of internet presence since 2006. I started my first blog which feels like forever ago now. The best and most lasting presence I’ve shared is of course on YouTube. My first vlog went up in Winter of 2007. YouTube is my best and most lasting because of the friendships and support I have found in the TTC/mommy community there. What was going to be a dorky hobby of Doctor Who gushing and recounting life as it happened turned into something different quite quickly. Somehow I found women, just like me struggling to conceive…and they were being open and honest about it! Whaaa! Those women gave me the confidence and permission (that I didn’t even know I was asking for) to start vlogging my road to motherhood.

This year I would love to be able and devote two days a week to doing more things that I find joy in, outside of being mom to two amazing baby girls and wife to a loving husband, of course! Motivation and I tend to be in a long term game of hide and seek, this year I’m hoping I find all of it’s favorite hiding spots. I guess we’ll see how good my skills are in the art of childhood games.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014. Here’s to new beginnings and motivation that is peeking just around the corner!



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