welcome back Fall.

Ah! Do you smell that? Indeed, it’s the scent of pumpkin spiced coffees. That can only mean one thing. Fall has arrived and people everywhere are breathing one collective sigh. Saying goodbye to Summer’s oppressive heat and welcoming the crisp air front from the North. It’s wonderful. Brent and I said our goodbye to Summer by celebrating with our first crock pot of chili. Yum! We also did a farewell dinner with our close friends. One last big bar-b-que to close the season out! Fall is my most favorite season. And this Fall is bound to bring many new memories and traditions.

The last couple of days I’ve used my down time (aka both babies are napping, hurry do something productive) planning October adventures for us. In our area we have several different farms to choose from for exploring and pumpkin patch picking. Lets not forget the already-on-the-calendar bonfire with our friends. The best part is, Brent and I will be doing all of this with our daughters. Sure, they’re only 3 months old but this is where memories are made and traditions created! We’ve been looking forward to this for so long. As silly as it may sound, I can’t wait to have  four pumpkins sitting on our porch. You can bet there will be lots of picture taking and a couple of blogs here and there.

I would love to hear about your Fall traditions!  Hayrides, bonfires, pumpkin patches and comfort food- happy Fall to you! Enjoy the cool air and the warmth of hot apple cider!  Cheers!



4 thoughts on “welcome back Fall.

  1. I absolutely love autumn the most as well! We are also celebrating this most wonderful season by beginning new traditions with Leela! We’ve already gone apple picking and decided on her halloween costume together 😉

  2. Fall is amazing! I love the crunchy leaves and the fact that I switch back to hot coffee in the morning. But I must say, only four pumpkins seems like so few! My Mother has been carving Pumpkin Master pumpkins since I was ten and last year she outdid herself carving a whopping 110 pumpkins. So four sounds conservative. And nice. What I wouldn’t give to only have to see four pumpkins…

  3. A carving master!? How neat! 110 is a crazy amount. Growing up we would buy one pumpkin for each member of our family. It was just a sweet family tradition we did. So now finally having my own family, I’m beyond excited to have my four. It’s more a sentimental thing than anything else.

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