birthday date and babysitters.

In the Dearest household September means birthdays. Mine being at the beginning of the month and husbands being at the end. Since we’ve been married we have opted to combine our days and spend one day together doing something special. Usually treating ourselves to a shopping day, dinner or lunch out, a sweet treat and in general time together soaking each other in. This year was different. This year we have babies. Due to the financial vacuums babies tend to be, my beloved has been putting in overtime to make sure our bottom line isn’t compromised. On our date day, he worked, selflessly. Brent has been such an amazing provider for our family.

So while Daddy was off making the money, the girls and I spent our Tuesday with our good friend Rashele. We met up for coffee and enjoyed our pumpkin spice latte and turtle mocha’s while enjoying some good conversation. And listening to the whispers of the other patrons, “Oh! twins, how precious!” I’ll admit my heart kinda explodes a little with pride when I hear strangers gush over my little loves.
Once we drank every last drop of our coffees, we packed up and the four of us headed over to our friends house to spend the afternoon with her and her freshly baked baby girl! My girls (12wks) are still pretty small but seeing them next to a fresh 2 week baby made them look so big! My heart couldn’t take it- you must stay small just a bit longer. Slow it down little ones! Sharing with these ladies was such a blessing. I can’t emphasize just how much I love these new friendships. Four o’clock rolled around and it was time to head home…Daddy was waiting for us!! 

Once home we were greeted by a tired Daddy. But this was just a pit stop. Husband and I were still going out to celebrate our birthdays. If I’m completely honest, this was the part of the day I was dreading just a bit. Not the spending time with my husband but taking the girls to the babysitters for the very first time. It should be known that we have amazing sitters, our pastor’s daughters actually! 20 and 17 respectfully. I knew the babies would be in good care but it just seemed strange to leave them. Walking up to the front door I was a bundle of anxiety. I’m sure the girls could tell, both of them were gracious as I prolonged our goodbyes.
Our car ride to dinner was unusually quiet. We seemed to be soaking in this moment. Once we arrived to our destination both Brent and I reached for the sliding back doors to grab a baby- oh, wait. We were totally ‘those parents’ during dinner. Our conversation was mostly about our daughters. It hit us that we simply have no idea what our life was like before children. What did we do before babies? They are so apart of us now. It’s amazingly strange how becoming a parent becomes your greatest achievement and nothing before seems to measure up.
After dinner I texted to check in. All was well, the girls we’re being snuggled while they slept. I really didn’t expect a different report but it was nice to be reassured. Knowing things were going well we decided instead of watching a movie, which would have only put was to sleep (oh, sleep. how we miss you.) we would swing by Target and just shop. Now, shopping on birthday date was usually for us, but this time it was all about the babies!….are you surprised? A box of diapers, two winter outfits and a new bottle brush. Aren’t we big spenders.

Three hours. It was time to pick up our loves! The uninterrupted time with my beloved was so needed, seeing our relationship take on a new dynamic was fun too. Married without kids to married with kids looks completely different. You may be reading this and thinking, what a lack luster date night. Rest assured for us, it was perfect. We ended the evening snuggling our girls in bed. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Tuesday and celebrate my husband.



4 thoughts on “birthday date and babysitters.

  1. Looks like the girls had a lovely time! I know that feeling! I really struggle with leaving Arthur but I know that he will always be with people that care for him a great deal! Happy birthday to you and your husband this month! An uninterrupted shopping trip sounds delightful! The purchases aren’t what’s important!

    • Leaving our tiny loves does feel a bit wrong in a way, huh. Now on the other side of the ‘first time at the sitters’ I’m so thankful to have had that time with my husband. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. Agreed, it is SO strange to think back to life before children now that they are finally a part of our lives. I have an incredibly hard time leaving L when we go out and have my mom babysit. (Yup even when she is with Grannie I am a nervous wreck!)

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