Dolly Parton

As kid I had a love for Dolly Parton that was a bit unexplainable. She was some kind of blonde hair, country music, busty god in my eyes. She was is amazing.
I remember my parents watching “Straight Talk” one evening, my eyes were glued. For the next several months I walked around with a play stethoscope talking into it like a radio DJ- I was a resourceful kid, I also apparently liked the sound of my own voice. She’s still one of my (as I call them) famous favorites.

With her success and fame, she’s been able to focus on philanthropy with an emphasis on children’s literacy. This of course only makes me love her more.

In 1996 she launched Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, you can check the website out here.   This program offers a free book each month to a child, ages birth-5. It’s an amazing program and I’m so thankful my area participates in it! Imagination Library is available in four countries- United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. You should take the time to check out the site and register your child! You can never have too many books!

The books come wrapped in clear plastic and addressed to the child. How fun and exciting for the kiddo to get mail! Monday the girls got their very first books. We’re gonna unwrap them this evening!



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