happy birthday, me.

29 years ago on this day I was born. Celebrating in style today, with baby spit up on my shoulder, my hair tossed atop my head and comfy pants. Clearly I know how to celebrate.

Earlier this morning, my dad called for the expected ‘Happy Birthday’ phone conversation. I always enjoy talking with my dad, he’s become a true friend of mine. While chatting we talked about how eventually in life birthdays become less about parties, gifts and sleepovers and more about reflecting on the actual day, at least for us.

Since losing my mom, I often think of her on this day. Even as an adult the story of my birth never losses it’s magic. Now that I am a (first time) mom of twin girls, I realize just how much this day is about her as it is me. The birth story of your child is something you and baby share. It’s something special to be treasured forever.

While sitting in a sea of memories, I was hit with the overwhelming need to document…everything. For me and for my daughters. You may be wondering how I went from a birthday phone call to “hey, I should start a blog”, don’t worry I’m not sure either. My mind moves in twenty different directions constantly. This is one of those, I’m gonna give it a go and see where I land.

So, welcome! In this little piece of the internet you will more than likely find, ramblings of a new momma, gushing over my girls and other fun chatter of sorts.

Happy Birthday to me!



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